Nobody says for anymore

Have you noticed? I rarely hear for anymore in the spoken language, or maybe I'm just more aware of not hearing the word for. Maybe this has gone on for years and I was so oblivious I didn't know.

FOR. A word we write and say many times throughout the day.

So why do I claim we don't say for anymore?

Just listen to conversations around you, or even to yourself. I'll wager you don't say for.

My guess is you say, or will hear, fer, (or fir).

As a spoken word, fer has replaced for.

Is this a big deal. No. Not really. Just something I've noticed and, unfortunately, I think about.

Like wanting to reach for the red pen when I see a misspelled word, grammar error, or adverb.

The urge to point this out has eased. Now I just chuckle quietly.


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