Why do we apologize when our emotions show?

A little over a month ago, my mom died. I was there. Spent the last two weeks of her life with her.

Ended up being away from home for over a month. When I got home, friends said they were sorry for my loss, wanted to know what happened, how I was, you know, all the regular things people say when there's a death.

Let me say this. I have great friends.

But occasionally, when answering questions, I'd find myself getting emotional. I cried. And when I cried, I apologized.

Why did I do that? It's not something I was ever told to do, like please and thank you. Was I concerned I would make my friends uncomfortable? Hmmm. No. So, why?

No one should ever apologize for having feelings.

I seem more aware of this now. Watching the news, or other real life situations where people cry under horrible situations and for some reason, feel the need to apologize.

Have we become so fearful of showing our feelings, of showing our vulnerability, of having loved and lost, or being overwhelmed by tragedy, that we must seek some strange form of forgiveness from those around us?

I say no. Don't apologize. You have a right to feel what you are feeling. Let your tears flow. It's okay.

#Loss #grief #death #emotions #vulnerability #tragedy #fear #forgiveness #tears

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