Idol - Voice - Talent

Pretty much everyone has heard of or watched one of these popular TV reality shows. Right? Sure. They offer talented singers and entertainers an amazing opportunity to be discovered.

I've often thought about how a show like this might be applied to hopeful authors. It could be done.

I mean, don't we as writers do this every time we send a query letter to an agent or publisher? Or by getting a reader to look at the cover of our book, then flip the book over to read the blurb on the back cover, and maybe, just maybe, open the book to look at that all important hook, the first line, first paragraph, and first page?

We have mere seconds to engage you, to catch your attention in an ever growing mass of the stimulation that is social media, or on endless book shelves, virtual and actual.

So this is the problem, getting readers aware of our work, our talent, just like on American Idol, or The Voice, or America's Got Talent.

Never give up. Your golden ticket is out there.

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